An Innovative Approach to Treating Cancer

Cryoablation systems consist of a compact, easy-to-operate console and associated accessories that include cryoprobes to deliver cold temperatures to the therapeutic tissue and temperature probes to monitor temperatures in the surrounding tissue.

Cryoablation systems are intended for use in open, minimally invasive or endoscopic procedures in the areas in general surgery, urology, gynecology, oncology, neurology, dermatology, ENT, proctology, pulmonary surgery and thoracic surgery. The systems are designed to freeze/ablate tissue by the application of extreme cold temperatures including prostate and kidney tissue, liver metastases, tumors, skin lesions, and warts.

Stop Cancer Cold®

Discover the Medicare-reimbursed cancer treatment that helps patients manage their lives, with effective results and limited distress. Since it’s not major surgery, cryoablation can usually be performed on an outpatient basis.

Naturally Effective

Unlike radiation therapy, hormone therapy or complicated surgery, cryoablation is performed quickly without strong drugs or toxic radiation. Precisely directed ice is powerful enough to kill cancerous cells for good, but natural enough to be used for repeated occurrences with limited discomfort.

Control in your Hands

Physicians need total control when treating cancer cells and the latest cryoablation technology delivers. Thanks to advanced argon gas based technology, the amount and location of ice can be dialed in exactly without lags or overshooting. When combined with the precision of ultrasound or CT guided placement, there are no surprises.

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Cryoablation for Urology & Interventional Radiology

When prostate cancer cells are localized, cryoablation is an ideal approach to destroying diseased tissue. It’s a natural choice over lengthy radiation therapy because it kills cancer cells in minutes.

Ice and Repeat

Because ice is a naturally non-toxic cancer-fighting agent, it offers a low-impact option for high-risk or weaker patients that are not suited for surgery or radiation therapy. But many patients can appreciate the comfort and speed of recovery offered by cryoablation.

Offering Second Chances

Salvage cryoablation is for treating prostate cancer in cases where it has recurred after radiation. In the up to 50% of prostate cancer cases that resist radiation (Eandi, et al. J Urology 2010; 183:133-137), salvage cryoablation is a natural solution to more dramatic interventions like prostatectomy. It has been shown to provide cancer specific survival for 81% of patients at 10 years and 70% at 15 years (Chin, et al. J Urology 2021; 206:646-654).

Great Beginnings

Cryoablation is now a common interventional oncology treatment for cancer cells in the lung and kidney as well as liver metastases and palliative intervention for cancer. And the natural pain-management properties of ice are being applied to palliative intervention to manage pain resulting from metastatic cancer.

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