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Physician Investment Leader
in Stone Management

HealthTronics serves more than 1,500 physicians and 2,000 healthcare facilities by providing access to lithotripsy, laser, & service for kidney stone disease, resulting in cost-efficient and clinically effective solutions.


HealthTronics offers stone management investment solutions to urologists in various joint venture and partnership models. We offer a comprehensive stone management platform that includes: ESWL, Laser, single- use scopes, and URS Consumables solutions that improve patient care and reduce costs to the healthcare system.

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laser services, laser rental, medical laser leasing, laser rental companies


Surgical Equipment You Can Trust

MEETING ALL OF YOUR medical equipment NEEDS

Providing as-needed surgical equipment including lithotripsy, lasers and more

Our Expert Technologists are an Extension of Your Team

Improve employee and physician satisfaction by allowing your clinicians to focus on what they do best.

Physicians, join over 100 of your peers

We are not just a service provider – we are a solutions provider. HealthTronics doesn’t just supply products and services, we supply solutions — new technology, new processes, quality assurance reports and whatever it takes to meet the demands of our customers and the patients they serve. We’re proficient in the operational management of medical technology and utilize equipment and engineers from all over the country to provide strategic solutions to complex challenges.

Improve Financial Performance

Improve patient satisfaction

Focus on Clinical Care

Maintain compliance