Laser Fibers & Accessories

In Addition to the Most Modern Laser Technology, we Provide Laser Fibers and Accessories

Our goal is to ensure our customers are well taken care of with the appropriate tools and are completely prepared for success.

Laser Fibers

Fibers should be a critical component of your existing laser technology platform. In the past, manufacturers were the only option for the purchase of fibers, but that’s no longer the case. HealthTronics is focused on reducing your overhead costs with quality fibers at competitive prices.

Here are a few of the fibers we currently offer:


We provide you with your complete needs for laser procedures. We have the appropriate accessories to ensure that all equipment works together.

Some of our accessories include: 

Laser Safety Accessories

We also provide laser safety accessories including: 

Our Featured Lasers

Benefits of our Mobile Laser Technologies


We bring you the very latest in medical laser technology

.Expert Technicians

Our engineers are highly trained, and fully compliant

.Safety + Compliance

We ensure proper laser safety and compliance

.Reduced Costs

We help to reduce payroll, maintenance and capital costs


We offer all necessary laser accessories including fibers, handpieces, safety signs, etc.


We’ll design a personalized medical laser rental program that best fits your needs

We're in your Market

No matter where you’re located, there’s a great chance we can help you. We contract with facilities across the United States. But if you can’t come to us, our highly trained technologists can bring the right equipment and know-how to you.

Staffed to Serve

Our technologists are handpicked to ensure they meet our stringent requirements. With an average of 14 years of experience, each HealthTronics technologist stays sharp with continuing education to maintain expert knowledge of the equipment and the procedure so that you’re well taken care of. 

The Right Tools for the Job

With an entire division dedicated to supplying and maintaining the latest technology, you can count on our mobile medical technology to deliver excellent service without surprises.

Specialties we Serve


Optimize Surgical Performance with our Medical Lasers and Expert Technicians