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Mobile Medical Technology at AUA in San Francisco May 18-21

The American Urological Association (AUA) stands at the forefront of developing innovative, evidence-based urologic education for urologists and urologic health care professionals worldwide. This year’s annual meeting includes several presentations regarding technologies that HealthTronics provides on a mobile basis.

Presentations include:

ESWL: Fewer Days Off Work and Fewer ER Visits

  • Patients treated with ESWL required only 3 days off work. URS patients required almost 8 (read abstract).
  • Only 7.5% went to the ER within 30 days compared to 10.6% for URS and 13.2% for PCNL (read abstract).

Cryoablation: Incontinence and ADT Minimal

  • Only 16.5% of primary whole-gland prostate cryoablation patients had urinary incontinence after 0-9 months and 3.6% after 10-12 months (read abstract).
  • After 12 months follow-up, 80% of salvage prostate cryoablation patients remained ADT-free (read abstract).

PVP: Continues to Demonstrate Good Results

  • At 5 years, PSA, IPSS, QoL, and PVR dropped by 59.7%, 75.2%, 78.72%, and 84.4%, respectively (read abstract).
  • Antegrade ejaculation was preserved in 90.7% of patients at 1-3 months and this rate remained constant until 24-36 months (read abstract).