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HealthTronics Acquires Management Company, Expands Mobile Lithotripsy Solutions

AUSTIN, TX (PRWEB) JULY 31, 2015 HealthTronics, Inc., an Austin, Texas-based mobile medical services and medical devices company, has expanded its mobile portfolio with the acquisition of the management company for two lithotripsy service companies, Carolina Lithotripsy and Advanced Urotech.

Lithotripsy, a minimally invasive procedure for treating kidney stones, uses shock waves to break the stone into small particles to allow the body to more easily pass it out.

Carolina Lithotripsy has provided lithotripsy services in North Carolina since 1984 and Advanced Urotech in Southern California since 1997. The two entities will now be managed by HealthTronics, adding more than 80 physician partners and about 20 employees under the HealthTronics umbrella.

“With this acquisition, doctors and hospitals in these areas – whether rural community hospitals or comprehensive medical centers – will have access to HealthTronics’ clinical expertise and diverse mobile medical portfolio,” said Russell Newman, President of HealthTronics.

In addition to lithotripsy, HealthTronics offers technology for microwave ablation, nerve monitoring, laser treatment and cryotherapy. As a mobile services provider, HealthTronics delivers the mobile device to the medical facility where the physician conducts the procedure. A dedicated, highly trained HealthTronics technician remains onsite for equipment operation needs, and experienced ancillary staff prevent any interruption in service.

Since becoming an independent company in February 2014, HealthTronics has completed six distribution and/or acquisition transactions, positioning HealthTronics as one of the top mobile solutions providers in the United States.

About HealthTronics
HealthTronics, Inc., founded in 1989 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, provides minimally invasive, mobile medical therapies for clinically sophisticated applications such as urological and interventional radiology indications. The company brings its advanced technology and support systems to healthcare providers across the United States. HealthTronics’ solutions include lithotripsy services, laser and cryotherapy equipment rentals, maintenance services and physician partnership opportunities.