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Holmium Laser & TFL Technologies for Urologists, Orthopedic Surgeons & More

Using the Holmium laser as a power source allows precise and controlled cutting and vaporization. It penetrates just enough to ablate soft tissue without charring and minimizing collateral damage. Holmium laser rental is a way to access the equipment for a variety of specialties, including Urology and Orthopedics. Orthopedic Surgeons have control of the lasing beam by using either disposable or reusable handpieces in conjunction with an angled tip.

The Holmium:YAG laser allows for excellent kidney stone destruction and precise lasing delivery for arthroscopic treatments of wrist, ankle, shoulder, knee, and elbow. Options include high power and standard power.

HealthTronics also offers Thulium Fiber Laser (TFL) surgical devices for both Lithotripsy and precise soft tissue surgery. During recent years, TFL technology has emerged as a new alternative to Holmium lasers, particularly for the treatment of stones

quanta system litho

Quanta Litho 100W Laser

The Quanta Litho holmium laser offers impressive settings for enhanced surgical experience, offering at the same time high power, high repetition rate, pulse energy and high versatility in pulse width adjustment.

The different setting combinations of the Quanta System Litho enable wide treatment flexibility and great versatility in surgical techniques.

Lumenis VersaPulse™ Holmium Laser System

Over 15 years of clinical evidence have made Lumenis lasers the right choice for Urologists and patients worldwide. Among its advantages are low reoperation rates, and wide patient applicability. Compared with alternative treatment options for BPH, the Lumenis VeraPulse holmium laser has a major advantage in efficacy and safety. Download the Lumenis Verapulse manual below.

lumenis versapulse holmium laser system
quanta fiber dust laser

Quanta Fiber Dust Thulium Fiber Laser (TFL) System

The Quanta Fiber Dust TFL surgical device is intended for both Lithotripsy and precise soft tissue surgery. It only requires 110 V power but delivers frequencies up to 2500 Hz with extremely limited retropulsion.

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