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Relationships Built on Trust and Commitment

TotalCare® Partnership Service is how we describe our all-inclusive approach to serving partners. Because your focus is on better patient care, we’ve built a complete enterprise to work for the health of your business.


Best-in-class technologies

We believe the best technology yields the best results. That’s why we’re always researching and looking out for better solutions to bring to you and your patients.


Staffing and certification

We consistently hire, train and employ only the best technologists in the field. With an average of over 12 years of experience, our lithotripsy technologists are truly the best of the best. Since they represent “the face of HealthTronics”, our technologists go through extensive screening to ensure that they share our values of reliability and integrity, in addition to having appropriate qualifications. Our certification and credentialing program is recognized nationally by the hospitals where our partnerships provide service.


Billing and collections

Steady and predictable cash flow is the life’s blood of your operation. That’s why we work hard on your behalf for prompt collection. Our average days-outstanding is a best-in-class 32. And our state-of-the-art billing office bills and collects for over 86,000 procedures annually.


Tax and accounting

We have a talented team of professionals committed to addressing our partnerships’ accounting and tax needs accurately and on time.  We are audited by a nationally recognized accounting firm each year.  We provide monthly financial information to our partners to keep them continually informed about the financial performance of the their partnerships.  In addition, our tax department prepares and distributes approximately 3,000 K-1’s to our partners every year.


TotalCare® Partnership Service Financial Snapshot

Our reporting format is exclusive to HealthTronics, providing detailed information on the physician’s partnership as well as comparison data via our National Partnership Average. And it’s designed to be easy to understand.


Service and manufacturing

Our field engineers are highly-trained urology device specialists, whether they are supporting litho, laser, cryo or imaging. That means minimal financial loss or patient discomfort due to equipment failure because we can respond quickly and efficiently. That’s the expertise that comes from running the largest urological equipment fleet in the U.S.


Risk mitigation

HealthTronics obtains insurance for the operations of each of our partnerships. And because of our national reach, we can negotiate favorable insurance rates.


Compliance and regulatory

As we bring new technologies to our partners, we’re constantly monitoring and adjusting our practices in an effort to ensure they are compliant with the ever-changing regulatory environment.


Operations and Scheduling

Patient care is our shared goal. Because we schedule between over 50,000 procedures each year, we are optimized to create reliable and flexible schedules that fit your patient and equipment demands.


Business development

We dedicate staff to knowing your local market. Whether contracting with a new service venue or identifying new potential partners, HealthTronics’ Customer Relations is dedicated to business growth. HealthTronics partners are in close contact with us to help identify obstacles and opportunities, so you have a true partner in success.



Providing service across the country, we are uniquely situated to ensure our partnerships receive fair market value for services provided. We negotiate contracts on the partner’s behalf to meet all applicable regulatory requirements.

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