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Kidney Stones

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No procedure too small

Relief from kidney stones is commonly achieved with a simple and non-invasive procedure called lithotripsy. Using focused sound waves, your urologist can break down the stones so they can pass naturally. It’s a routine procedure, but one we take seriously, because your comfort and safety are important.

Equipment matters

HealthTronics provides the equipment your urologist needs to break up your stones. HealthTronics ensures that these sophisticated and high-tech devices are maintained according to industry standards. We’re focused on maintaining the smoothest running fleet of devices in the business. We understand meeting your schedule with a quick and surprise-free procedure is important.


Ready to travel

Even if you are in a remote community where your hospital or urologist does not have the proper equipment, chances are we can come to them. Ask your doctor about scheduling a procedure with a HealthTronics mobile lithotripsy unit. And see relief soon.

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Patient’s Guide for Lithotripsy Treatment