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HealthTronics offers an innovative cancer treatment called cryotherapy. Rather than using strong drugs or radiation, cryotherapy uses small ice crystals to destroy the cancer cells. Your physician can perform the procedure on an outpatient basis, with minimal pain and a quick recovery.


You have options.

Ask your doctor about cryotherapy for your prostate cancer. Even if he or she does not currently offer the service, there’s a good chance we can work with your physician to set up a treatment. Our cryotherapy equipment is mobile and we’re ready to travel.

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A second chance after radiation.

If you’ve undergone radiation to treat your prostate cancer and the cancer has returned, you have options. Cryotherapy is a treatment for destroying cancer cells after radiation has failed. Ask your urologist about cryotherapy for your recurrent prostate cancer, sometimes called salvage cryotherapy.


Minimally invasive.

Cryotherapy is not major surgery. Many patients that are too weak or ill to receive radiology or undergo a prostatectomy (prostate removal) can still consider cryotherapy.

If your cancer is localized to the prostate, you may be a good candidate for cryotherapy. Ask your urologist if cryotherapy is right for your cancer treatment.

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