Jul 23

Newspaper Spotlights HealthTronics' Cryotherapy Systems

Highlights from an article in Community Impact regarding HealthTronics' mobile cryotherapy systems and minimally invasive, cancer cell-freezing/killing treatment the systems allow physicians to provide:


“It’s a less invasive approach than other treatments,” HealthTronics President Russell Newman explained. “The prostate in particular used to (require) open surgery. Now it’s much more minimally invasive. There’s a number of different things we can treat in the body without having to open up patients.”

HealthTronics’ Cedar Park facility manufactures the cryoablation probes and the rest of the mobile units, which particularly benefit cancer patients after radiation treatment has failed.

“We’ve seen pretty much every tissue go from a whole-gland treatment to something less,” Newman said. “Cryo is just a really good technology for us to be able to locate and isolate cancerous cells.”

It’s also quicker. Several rounds of radiation treatment can be needed, but just one session of cryoablation is required.

The story outlines how the technology works and notes that about 40 mobile systems and about 150 HealthTronics locations with fixed cryotherapy systems serve 2,500 medical facilities across the U.S.

”We provide a service where a (HealthTronics) clinician or specialist wheels that machine in and out of the (operating room), helps set it up and guide the procedure,” Newman said. “When it’s over, they take it away. It’s a pretty valuable service to the hospital because they’re not having to spend money and invest in all the technology.”

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