UroChartEHR. Streamlined by design.

The UroChartEHR® System is the EHR system planned and built to make urology offices more efficient. Conceived by Dr. Howard Follis as a solution to the shortfall of general EHR solutions for specialty practices, the UroChartEHR® System is based on the principle that a urology-specific interface results in better care.

Vivid data at your fingertips

Built for touchscreen and organized to convey insight at a glance, UroChartEHR® puts the focus of your time back on patient care. With patent pending features like the Timeline, you'll get at-a-glance information you can act on. And because your staff will pick it up quickly, there's no reason to spend precious office hours searching for data.

Putting the flow back into workflow.

Optimized for the technologies practices use every day, UroChartEHR® is wired to apply iPhones, scanners and touchscreens (to name a few) to ensure staff spends more time on what matters, not chasing records.

Top 7 UroChartEHR System Features:

  1. Urology-specific templates, terms and codes.
  2. Intuitive presentation of data for limited clicking and navigating.
  3. Touch-screen-ready controls for fast access.
  4. Innovative Timeline feature, a chronological graph of a patient's aggregate data.
  5. Timesaving note builder to limit dictation.
  6. Scanner integration for less typing.
  7. Anytime access on iPhone or Web.


ONC-ATB Certified Seal   CCHIT Certified 2011