Software built for the way urologists work.


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HealthTronics IT Solutions™ EHR systems were designed by practicing urologists to serve the unique needs of pelvic health professionals. With a focus on ease of use, total mobility and optimized economics, these technologies work hard to power your business with greater productivity and peace of mind.

There's an EHR Solution for you.

No two practices are alike. That's why HealthTronics offers two specially adapted technology solutions, both wired just for urologists. Choose the meridianEMR® system or product for its vast library of customizable urology templates and content and its extensive suite of technology, including data analytics, that can be customized to your needs. Or consider the UroChartEHR® product, built for speed with an intuitive, usable workflow that stands up to the realities of daily, practical use.


EHR to streamline your business.

Save time and code accurately with the only EHR software that understands urology. With structured data and terms specially developed for pelvic health practices, you'll finish your day with accurate notes and coding. And when it's time for analysis, your data is clean and simple to parse.

15 ways we help your urology practice succeed.

Ready for Meaningful Use.

HealthTronics works hard to provide a superior return on your practice's EHR investment. That means knowing the ins and outs of the CMS Meaningful Use incentive program—both the current stage and stages to come. Our fully-certified software tracks your compliance so you know your status at all times.

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A platform for evidence-based excellence.

Our structured approach to notes and coding means you'll have the discrete data needed to make better decisions. And as the largest single provider of urological EHR software, HealthTronics has a vision for turning our insight into better outcomes. With access to aggregate, HIPAA-compliant diagnostic, clinical and economic data, our customers will soon be part of a community of urologists making better, more well-informed decisions.