Extending access to exceptional therapies.

HealthTronics was conceived over 25 years ago by a group of urologists looking for a better way. They discovered that partnerships and specialization helped everyone run a thriving, successful practice. While we have grown and added services, our focus has not changed, we have remained a company committed to the urology community.

Proud to be specialized.

Physicians turn to HealthTronics for their urological needs, because as one of the top specialty healthcare companies, we understand that specialty practices need special consideration. So we're all working for the same thing.

In it together.


HealthTronics works primarily on a partnership model. While you're focused on hands-on patient care, we're worrying about the operations and economics of your procedures. We call this dedication to serving you and your patients our TotalCare® service.

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A vision for the future.

We have deep roots in the development of urology, but we're always looking forward. We're proud to help build the future of pelvic health with innovations like cryotherapy and modern EHR technology. And we're not stopping there. We're creating the largest clinical and economic urology database in the U.S. so we can put that insight to work for your practice and operation.

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